Delicious Stolen Property

Soooo . . . my neighbor was out of town over the weekend and I checked in on her house. You know, I did the neighborly thing and took in the newspapers and checked out her garden for her. The tomatoes are coming along just fine. Cucumbers and peppers: fine. The squash was blooming. Yes, blooming. Gorgeous bright and fluffy flowers. They were right there.  And no one was looking.  So I took some. Three, to be exact. Only three. She wouldn’t miss them, right?  Besides, I was already drooling, imagining the goat cheese hot and oozing out of the crispy yellow petals. So I skulked home with the stolen property.

Aren't the blossoms gorgeous?

Aren’t the blossoms gorgeous?

Just to clarify: the herbs are from my deck and the lemon is from my tree.  Goat cheese and egg from my fridge.  Panko from my pantry.  Just sayin’.

I didn’t want to fry them.  So I decided to bake them. I just stuffed them with a little herb and lemon zest-infused goat cheese.  Then I dipped them in a little egg wash and rolled them around in a little panko.  I sprinkled a little granulated garlic on each one and at the last minute, I decided to drizzle the tiniest amount of melted butter over each one.  I thought the butter would help the panko brown nicely.

Read for the oven, not the fryer!

Read for the oven, not the fryer!

It did.  I think the next time I’ll mix the melted butter with the panko and a little garlic powder first and then roll the egg washed blossom in the crumb mixture.  It was all about experimenting with these little guys without breaking out the hot oil.  It worked.  425 degrees F for about 8 minutes.



My neighbor got home last night.  I took one over–hot and fresh out of the oven.  I confessed.  She wasn’t upset.  She was intrigued. She’s never had stuffed squash blossoms before!  I didn’t stick around for her to eat it, but I came home and ate the other two.  Delicious!  Bake some!

Crispy Baked Stuffed Blossoms!

Crispy Baked Stuffed Blossoms!

12 responses to “Delicious Stolen Property

  1. They sound yummy! I never knew you could eat squash blossoms. I’m learning so many cool things from your blog! 🙂

  2. I never thought to bake them! I don’t fry much (well, ever), but have wanted to try stuffed squash blossoms forever. Next time I see them at the farmer’s market, I am trying this delicious-sounding recipe!

  3. Yummy is right! Actually, every time I mention these to people, no one has ever heard of eating them, unless they are Italian! So you are off the hook Lisa Hjulberg!

  4. These are my FAVORITE! I’ve never tried baking them before though–good to know that you method worked so beautifully. I am hoping to find some at our Friday farmer’s market this week (yes, Vegas actually has a farmer’s market……although all of the produce is from California.)

  5. This is the neighbor!! My first try at eating a squash blossom was great…very tasty/garlicky and creamy… amazing…never knew they were etible but we will need to let some of them become zuccini!!!

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