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Let's Feast!

Let’s Feast!

I’m Laureen Pittman, a native Southern California girl who loves to cook.  I cook for my family–a handsome pescetarian husband and two meat and potato loving boys.  I also cook for my friends.  I’ll even cook for total strangers.  I’m not a trained chef; I’m a self-taught home cook and award-winning competitive cook.  When I’m not cooking for family or friends, you’ll find me experimenting in the kitchen, trying to find just the right flavors and ingredients for the next big competition.

For over 10 years now, I’ve been traveling the country participating in national and local recipe and cooking competitions, including the Food Network’s Ultimate Recipe Showdown, Ocean Spray’s Ultimate Cranberry Recipe Competition and Cookoff,  Aetna’s Healthy Food Fight, The Great Gilroy Garlic Cook-off and the Pillsbury Bake-Off (twice!).  Many of my recipes have been published in national magazines, cookbooks and online.  Since  I started competitive cooking, I’ve won nearly $50,000 in cash, travel and prizes. Not a bad hobby, eh?

The travel and the cookoffs are really the best part of this great hobby. I’ve been to Spain on a culinary adventure courtesy of Star Olive Oil, and I’ve traveled all over the U.S. competing and enjoying travel prizes.  I’ve met many wonderful friends from all over the U.S. that share my passion for cooking.  It’s fun to talk for hours about the demise of aspic and the uselessness of foam on a dinner plate with other foodies, cooking enthusiasts and super-tasters.  I hope to share stories here about my experiences.

But it’s not all about cooking.  It’s also about eating and neato kitchen gadgets.  Just kidding.  Life takes many turns.  It keeps evolving.  I try not to take myself too seriously.  I think of life as one big feast . . . to be experienced and shared.  Thanks for sharing my life’s feast with me!  Hopefully we’ll laugh a little together along the way!

E-mail me: livelaughcookeat@gmail.com, or use the form below to contact me!

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