The “I Like Pie” Giveaway!

I told you I’d have a fun give-away!  I present to you, Julie Hession’s new cookbook, 175 Best Mini Pie Recipes: Sweet to Savory (published by Robert Rose (March 14, 2013)).  I love this cookbook and I want you to have one so you can love it, too.  And it just so happens that Julie Hession is a friend of mine.  She’s a super-sweet person, a fantastic chef, and a top competitive cook. I competed against her once (Aetna Healthy Food Fight 2010).  She kicked my butt and ended up winning the whole thing ($25,000!).  Check her out–she has her own website!

Julie's Book

Anyone who knows me knows that “I like pie!”  When Duff Goldman (Ace of Cakes) asked me if I enjoyed his cake at Ocean Spray’s 25th Anniversary Party in New York, I told him it was pretty good, “but I’m not really a cake person.  I like pie.”  Really.  That happened.

So, all you have to do to win a brand new shiny copy of Julie’s new cookbook, is leave a comment below this post telling me what your favorite pie is!  Sweet or savory—it doesn’t matter.  Leave your comment by noon (Pacific time) tomorrow (May 1). I’ll pick a winner at random from all the comments.  Ready, set, PIE!

37 responses to “The “I Like Pie” Giveaway!

  1. Okay, I’ll go first! I LOVE pie, all kinds of pie, but my favorite is banana cream. Of course, it has to be from Backstreet. Ha!

  2. This is so tough because pie is the best dessert EVER! And isn’t chicken pot pie so amazing? But if I had to choose, pumpkin pie would be my favorite. And yes, Julie is such a sweet and amazing person and cook! (and makes the best granola in the WORLD!)

  3. Of course Lisa beat me to it! I would love nothing more than a homemade apricot pie from my Nonni Poggi. 🙂 Second runner up: Coconut Cream! Now I’m in a pie mood. Thanks Laureen 🙂

  4. Peach pie is my favorite, or is it blueberry? I’m like you, my mom used to make me a butterscotch pie for my birthday cause I don’t really like cake. She would make the filling using vanilla pudding with brown sugar in it and used a graham cracker crust with peanut butter and sugar. I may have to go make one now…..

  5. Pie is also my favorite . I never met a pie I didn’t like, but my favorite is COCONUT CREAM…yummy I think I might have to make one right now:) Thank you for the give away.

  6. Coconut cream is prob my favorite pie. then again in the cobbler family is peach,blueberry & blackberry all about the same

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pecan Pie. First time I ever ate it was in Kentucky where it was called “Pee Can Pie”. I was ordering “Pee Cahn Pie” the waitress told me she had never heard of Pee Cahn Pie. Meanwhile I was staring at a whole bunch of them. It was obvious we were having a “failure to communicate” haha

  8. If you hate pie, you’re probably either lying or probably don’t exist. 🙂 I’ll take the red pie, no the blue pie, no the yellow pie, no I’ll take the red pie, the blue pie AND the yellow pie!

  9. I love pies and tarts……..especially Pecan Pie and Chess Pie…gooey and chewy!! Topped with ice cream…..yum!

  10. My mom-in-law makes a mean pecan pie. Not sure what she does different from me, but it must be the love she puts in it.

    I do love a homemade apple pie. No recipe. Peel apples, slice them up and add this spice and this spice. Topped with homemade whip cream…of course.

  11. Ooooh, I’m going savory with what I think still qualifies as a pie- the empanada. Filled with beef, pork, chicken… who cares!

  12. I’ll take a toasted pecan pie made with a little splash of bourbon.

    Love the comment to Duff-you are such a sassy lady!

  13. Was just commenting about pie today, Laureen. I was asked to make some for church (am I really that old??). So I made my favorite: coconut key lime. Yum!

    (*And I love that you said that to Duff. Hilarious!!)

  14. My favoritev pie is Key Lime with toasted coconut crust and ‘rummed’ whip cream!

  15. My favorite pie is Key Lime with toasted coconut crust with ‘rummed’ whip cream!

  16. I would take pie over cookies, cakes or anything sweet any day of the week. Except Sundays. That’s a day best reserved for Sundaes with homemade chocolate sauce!

  17. I love chicken pot pie for savory and pumpkin pie for sweet! Loving reading your blog!

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