Kitchen Confessions!

Happy Wednesday!  Today I wanted to talk about kitchen confessions.  You know, those things you do in the privacy of your own kitchen that you would never own up to in the presence of other foodies and cooks.  Whether it relates to cooking (maybe you used a jar of alfredo sauce and called it homemade–of course you doctored it up, first), or eating (maybe you opened up a bag of  salt and vinegar chips just for a little snack and you ended up eating the whole bag–I get it, you skipped lunch), you know you’ve got something you’ve been dying to confess. C’mon . . . it will make you feel better.  We won’t judge.betty crocker

Last night, I made Hamburger Helper.  My boys love it.  I ate some, too.

Last week, I made a delicious roasted chicken.  I ate the crispy skin.  All of it.


I’ve used jars of alfredo sauce and called it homemade.

I may have eaten an entire bag of salt and vinegar chips or puffy Cheetos in one sitting.

Please don’t judge.  And feel free to share your kitchen confessions in the comments below.  You know you’ve got something you want to get off of your chest.

20 responses to “Kitchen Confessions!

  1. My all-time-go-to when in need of comfort foods is chicken rice-a-roni. I currently have 4 boxes in my pantry.

  2. I’m slowly eating a package of Pillsbury chocolate chip dough raw. I know it isn’t good for you but it taste so good. So far, I haven’t been sick. Ray wanted to know why I didn’t bake them so everyone can enjoy. No way.

  3. I wrote a whole blog about this a couple of years ago so you can tell that my kitchen sins are many. My big ones are using cheap frat boy vodka for my limoncello, eating eggs from chickens in cages and the worst one of all, eating veal on an airplane (I’m sorry, but I was captive and starving). OK, I have Hamburger Helper in my pantry right now. Your use of it makes me feel better about mine. Thank you for this post.

  4. A cup (OK, maybe a bowl) of cereal before bed – it’s genetic – all my brothers do it and now so do my girls!

  5. This is great Laureen!! BTW I love the “Helper Hand” with only 4 fingers!! I tripped one time while carrying a large lasagna – half of it flipped out of the pan onto the floor. I plopped it back in the pan, baked it and served – yikes! – LOL!! I promise I would never do that if you were over for dinner!! HA!! That and I polish of large bags on Pop-chips in one sitting – salty, crunchy…mmm

    • Tina–LOL! Who hasn’t picked food up off the floor and served it? I’ve heard stories of whole turkeys hitting the floor on Thanksgiving! 😉

  6. Bless me Father for I have sinned….what a great idea for a blog! I have too many infractions to list! There are boxes of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese in my pantry. I ALWAYS lick the beaters when I am baking, even if there are raw eggs in there. Guilty snack: dip butter knife in peanut butter jar, then dip knife into bag of chocolate chips…whatever sticks is yours! 😉 What is my penance? 🙂

  7. I snuck in 2 jars of cookie butter from Trader Joe’s into my suitcase…….I was told that I would be addicted to it. Thought they were crazy, it’s gotta be too sweet to just eat – the last 2 mornings I’ve had toast with cookie butter and bananas. Now I need to get out and run more! It’s a good thing I can’t get that stuff here

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