The Dirty Work – A Giveaway!

I cook–a lot.  I clean–a lot. Duh.   I use The Scrubbies, the best cleaning pad you’ll ever use.  And the only one you’ll ever need.

The Scrubbies!

No, The Scrubbies are not paying me.  It’s a local business (Coachella Valley, CA) that was started by one of my high school friends.  They’re made right here in California!  Trust me, you’ll be seeing more of The Scrubbies everywhere soon.   “The Scrubbies are made of only the highest quality American materials ensuring long lasting durability. The Scrubbies innovative, multi layer, peel away design is the first of its kind in the industry. The Scrubbies are an odorless, machine washable, non bleeding product that can last many months. The Scrubbies can survive indoors or outdoors, even in harsh environments.”  (The scrubbies Company Bio)

They’ve got Scrubbies for the kitchen and bath, for heavy duty outdoor cleaning, and for personal cleansing.  I’ve been using the facial Scrubbie and my skin feels fantastic!

Kids_little_heart_image1 QT_image1

Check out their Facebook page and their website!  Order some!  You’ll throw away your other sponges, cleaning pads, and scrubbers.  If you’re in Downtown Riverside, you can pick up a Scrubbie at Mrs. Tiggy Winkles.  Soon, you’ll see them at Bed, Bath & Beyond and other retailers. Do your part and support local business and buy items made in America!

In the meanwhile, I’m giving away some Scrubbies!  Yep, I’ve got 2 sets of Scrubbies to give away!  1 winner will get a Grandma Scrubbie (Multi Use Cleaning Pad for dishes, counters, bathrooms, stainless steel, etc.) and a Kids Little Heart Scrubbie (in purple) and another winner will receive a Grandma Scrubbie and a Kids Little Heart Scrubbie (in pink).  All you have to do to enter to win is to leave a comment below telling me your worst or most dreaded cleaning job, or share a story about a nightmare of a cleaning job that just didn’t go your way.  I had to throw away a fairly new sauce pot once after burning the bottom.  Maybe a Scrubbie could have saved it.

I’ll draw 2 names on Friday, June 7 at noon.  Comment AND SHARE!


15 responses to “The Dirty Work – A Giveaway!

  1. Worst and most dreaded cleaning job: cleaning my cast-iron grill pan after I have grilled something with a sweet sauce or glaze. The sauce tends to over-caramelize and harden and stick to the pan. It’s a mess and I usually ruin my nails too. These sound great–nice of you to support a local business!

  2. My refrigerator. I don’t know who keeps spilling stuff but it is a mess in there most of the time.

  3. The shower….the worst….and the grossest…….and like Karen, the fridge….and the place you put your coffee in the car…and my daughters bathroom….I could go on…

    • Mariann–I’m happy to promote local businesses! And the fact that it’s for a friend is even better! It’s a great product!

  4. Hmm…so many cleaning jobs I hate!! Could use one of those scrubbies for the burned on gunk in my oven and on my stovetop! Maybe they could invent some kind of mat for in the back of the car to help when you’re transporting food – some kind of giant absorbent non-slip scrubbie to keep dishes from slipping and catch the spills – been on a roll lately with messy car spills! ( :

  5. I would have to agree with Julie on the cast iron grill pan. I even had to throw one away last year ..I hate to admit that.

  6. Worst cleaning job ever. . . Cleaning the oven! Not only is it usually a mess (I cook a lot) but the hight and depth make them impossible to get to! Maybe a Scrubbie with a long handle. The stove is bad too, I try to tackle that the day before I get my nails done. I’ll be heading out to pick up some Scubbies!

  7. I agree with the Calaphon grill pan mess! Our grill ran out of gas over the weekend (naturally we had guests). Had to finish on the cast iron grill. I’m OLD and need all the help I can get,

  8. The shower!!! I am the only one that scrubs it. Every time I scrub it I promise myself that I wouldn’t go longer than a week, but….life happens!

  9. I dread cleaning of any kind, which is why I have Marina! LOL Probably the worst is cleaning toilets, although cleaning the cat box might even beat that. Oh, wait a minute. I hate cleaning the inside of the fridge. In any case, if I don’t win, you can give Paul some scrubbies for his birthday! I’m sure he’d love them! LOL

  10. I dread cleaning burned on oil after frying fish or chicken. You know, that brown ring that isn’t exactly burnt just really gummy. My husband dreads it when I ask for his “muscle power”.

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