Thinking of Oklahoma . . .

I’ve been to Oklahoma once.  In 2011, I had the opportunity to travel to Oklahoma to cook with Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman) at her sprawling ranch outside of Pawhuska.  It was such a beautiful place.  My son, who was 11 at the time, was my guest and he was in heaven hanging out at the ranch riding horses and chasing fireflies with Ree’s children.  It was truly magical.

I’ve been thinking about Oklahoma quite a bit these last couple of days for obvious reasons.  The devastation is all over the news.  I keep checking Ree’s website and Facebook page to find out how her little slice of Oklahoma has been affected. She posted today that the storms had hit south of them and the ranch, their family and friends are all fine.  But, of course, there are many in Oklahoma who are not fine.  Read Ree’s post to learn more and to find out how you can help.

The Pioneer Woman – Oklahoma

3 responses to “Thinking of Oklahoma . . .

  1. My father’s family is from Oklahoma, but most of them are gone now. My grandfather thought that Sand Springs was God’s country and he asked to be buried there, so we made a pilgrimage there a decade ago. It really is a beautiful place with plains that stretch from one side of the horizon to the other. I guess that’s what tornadoes like. What a horrible event.

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