Look Who’s Talking!

Me! But not just me. Three other fascinating women, too! “Look Who’s Talking” is the title of a four-part lecture series and fundraiser by Art Alliance of the Riverside Art Museum beginning Monday, April 8, and continuing Mondays through May 6. The project will benefit the museum and is set to feature 4 women (including me) talking on some very diverse topics. I’m opening the series on April 8 and the title of my talk is “Everything I Know I Learned from [Competitive] Cooking.” Compelling, eh? I’m bringing snacks. And there will be wine. It’s all good!

While my topic is a really a light-hearted chat for foodies and cooking enthusiasts, the other three speakers are bringing more serious subjects to light.  Karin Muller, a Swiss-born author, filmmaker, photographer, and adventurer, speaks on April 15 about her extensive travels and projects she’s heading up benefitting schools. Her talk is titled “Perilous Journeys.”  On April 22, Monica Holloway, a critically acclaimed author and official spokesperson for the National Center for Family Literacy and Autism Speaks, lectures the crowd.  The title of her talk is “Strong in the Broken Places.” On May 6, Monique Saigal, Professor Emeritus of Romance Languages and Literature at Pomona College will share her true story of being a Jewish child hidden with a Catholic family during the Second World War. The title of her talk is “Hidden Child and Clandestine Activities of French Women during WW II” and focuses on the strength of women involved in the French resistance against Nazi Occupation.

Tickets can be purchased for the series of four lectures for $100, or for individual lectures for $30. Programs begin at 6 p.m. at Riverside Art Museum, 3425 Mission Inn Ave., Riverside, with refreshments (this is where the snacks and wine come in!) at 6 p.m. and lectures starting at 6:30 p.m.

The Art Alliance is a volunteer organization whose members plan, support, and participate in activities that benefit the Riverside Art Museum and contribute to its operating budget. They create their own events and projects that focus on community, art and membership fun.

For more information, go to http://www.riversideartalliance.org/

I hope to see you there!

5 responses to “Look Who’s Talking!

  1. This is a brilliant idea! You are going to be even more famous, and the rest of us get to benefit! This is really thrilling. Love and Luck. Colleen

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